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"ContinYou is the compassionate app empowering individuals facing terminal illness, military deployment or first responders to share their stories in the event of their passing. Messages delivered to family & friends ensure lasting connections and personal relevance, providing solace for you & your loved ones. Download ContinYou today and discover the transformative power of storytelling in navigating life's most difficult moments. Your recipients then have the option to turn content into AI powered personal characters to foster communication between generations and continue your connection in their lives."

How ContinYouTM Works

Continue your story for those you love


Download ContinYou from your app store, set up your account and begin uploading or recording stories to be delivered in the future, seamlessly and securely. Tailor your messages for specific occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or significant life events.


Choose when you want your messages to be delivered in the future. Whether it's years down the line or on specific milestones, ContinYou ensures your carefully crafted stories reach your intended recipients at the perfect moment, creating a lasting impact.


Confidently know ContinYou not only delivers your messages via email but also securely stores them on the app, guaranteeing the resilience of your personal and intimate stories over time – a confident commitment to preserving your presence and creating an enduring legacy for your loved ones.

What can YOU do

Create Stories for Your Spouse such as 'Happy Anniversary' or 'Happy Birthday'

Leave stories & messages for your best friend to keep connected for years

Before Deployment, leave messages for your spouse, parents or kids

Remind yourself of your goals & aspirations to keep on track

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Your words become living characters with ContinYou! This AI tool uses text prompts to create dynamic personalities that adapt to your every input, building deeper conversations and unique adventures.


Transform Your Stories to Conversations



ContinYou's future messaging service acts as a bridge, allowing your kids to access heartfelt messages, stories, and well-wishes from their grandparents, fostering a connection that transcends time. It ensures that the essence of family ties remains strong, creating a meaningful link between different generations.


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Chuck S

Our family is close. In the event something happens to me, I’m happy to know they’ll get annual messages from to help them remember their dad & husband

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ContinYou Telling Your Story

Download the App, then create your account. Record your stories for your family or friends and choose the future date for delivery. Choose an Admin to handle the account post-mortem to make sure the stories & messages are delivered. Add more stories and recipients in the future.


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